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Posted by: sophie webster Oct 16 2015, 12:58 PM
Sometimes there were times when Sophie couldn’t tell the difference between what was real and what was a dream. There were moments where she felt like a flower again, sitting in the grass and feeling one with the earth, the dirt. Tiny ghost vibrations ran through her body, but it was a ghost feeling, unobtainable and ever so distant. She didn’t have access to the ground anymore, the minerals or its magical properties. The pros of being a human though, was being able to enjoy tea. She was both repulsed and ecstatic about her new sense of taste. Sophie enjoyed visiting the Mad Hatter and March Hare over for some unbirthday tea and biscuits. Today, she found that it wasn’t frequented by either of them. It seemed unnatural for there to be no one occupying the long table filled with odds and bits of tea things.

On arrival she put it upon her to make her own pot of tea. They sure wouldn’t mind her taking as she pleased, they would have offered it to her anyways, so it was acceptable…. Right? Anyways, she put a pot of water to boil as she set up a little section for her own personal tea party. She cleared out the crumbs on the long side of the table. The sugar bits were everywhere, teacups and pots open and strewn about. Her hands gently rearranged a large teapot knocked over by life. She picked out a clean teacup and set it by her area. Placing her hands on her hips she walked around, wondering where they placed the biscuits. Her eyes stopped on an elegant box, she opened it curiously, cookies!

She brought over the sweets to her area and it in front of her teacup. She had her own little tea party, it was just about ready as she heard the water come to a slow boil. Pouring the water over an unused tea bag, she relished the scent of the tea. Sure, they were plants, but it was too delicious to fight her want for it. Sophie sat down, waiting for her tea to steep, excited to partake in this practice.

moop meep

Posted by: lance chevalier Oct 17 2015, 02:11 AM

Lance walked along the path, kicking dirt as he did so. It was a nice day, and he had the day off, and he could do whatever he wanted with it. Then why did he find himself here, of all places? Why wasn't he in the city, chatting up the girls in the market? Or at the royal stables, taking care of his horses? Or out in the fields for a ride with nothing but his horse and his thoughts?

Well, he wasn't at the stables because he wanted to be away from the castle. That was fairly obvious to himself. The castle had felt almost suffocating lately, though he'd never say so. He'd been reminded of his unpleasant past with the Queen one too many times recently, and it was starting to weigh on him. He wasn't out for a ride because he did that almost every evening and he wanted to do something different today. He wasn't in the city flirting with the local girls because... Well, he didn't really know. Maybe he wanted to be here? Walking alone in this dirt road like this? Why would he want that?

He sighed weakly to himself and ran a hand through his curls as he looked up at the sky. He needed to stop this immediately. If he continued on like this someone might mistake him for the mock turtle. He glanced back down the road the way he'd come. He could go back, and talk to Achilles. Maybe talking to him about how he felt would-... No. He couldn't do that. He didn't even know what he would say to him. He was so used to putting up his usual, cheerful, not-a-care-in-the-world front whenever he was near Achilles. He didn't know that he was ready to quite tear it down so completely yet.

He looked back in front of himself and continued walking. Where was he? Near the tea party? That could be a fun distraction. The Hare and the Hatter were the best with distractions, and they were at least interesting company. Better than continuing to mope to himself. Like he said, that was the Mock Turtle's thing, and he would die if he were ever compared to a creature as pitiful and spineless as that turtle.

He made his way to the garden and entered, frowning softly as he noticed the Hatter and Hare were both missing today. What a shame. But, there was someone else. Someone young and happy and quite beautiful, and she was making tea and eating cookies. Well, he decided, she would be good company.

"Hello, my lady." Lance said, more to announce his presence to her than to flatter. He always flattered, no matter who it was. There wasn't a female in Wonderland he hadn't called 'my lady' at one point or another, even the Bandersnatch.

"Would you mind if I joined you?" he asked, sitting down as he asked. He did that sometimes. Doing things while asking if it was okay. It made it harder for people to say no, though he didn't do it on purpose. "I can't imagine spending a nice quiet tea party with anyone as lovely as you, but it would be quite the honor."

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