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    welcome to across the chessboard! we're an alice in wonderland based site with an original plot and slight modern dystopian twist and canon characters from alice's adventures in wonderland and through the looking glass and what alice found there, both by lewis carroll. for a longer summary, please visit our information center here. if you have any questions, feel free to give an admin a shout in the cbox (it's to your left- just click the chatter button and it should pop open). again, welcome, and we hope you join us!

    it is currently summer 2015 in london.
    it is currently summer-ish in wonderland.

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    Wonderland wasn't always this way. There was a time when it mirrored medieval England, albeit with a few magical elements: a few quirks and eccentricities that made it truly unique. While all feared the Queen's mercurial temper and the fine blade of her Guillotine, all was well, until a little girl named Alice Liddell disturbed the status quo and sparked a revolution. The kingdom began to fall into decay as the taint of the modern world invaded. History is beginning to repeat itself and no one is happy. As the Queen of Hearts tangles in a battle of wits and riddles with the Cheshire Cat, the rest are starting to wonder ... is it true that the White Rabbit is bringing humans to Wonderland when they themselves are banned from going to London?

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 BEAUMONT, antoinette marie, F | 31 | RED ROSE | NATALIE DORMER
antoinette beaumont
 Posted: Jan 23 2015, 12:57 PM
I will not fall, won't let it go We will be free when it ends I, I've been waiting for someone like you But now you are slipping away... oh What have you done now?! Why, why does fate make us suffer? There's a curse between us, between me and you
31RedRED ROSE34 postsapplicationplotting
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antoinette beaumont

Antoinette Marie Beaumont
There's a curse between us, between me and you
Antoinette has always been painstakingly loyal to Wonderland. She had absolutely no interest in London when she first heard of it and when the opportunity came to visit it- she merely glanced through the Looking Glass and made no attempt to cross over. The very concept of London terrifies her, and she’s one of the few who are entirely happy with it being off limits now. She adores Wonderland, and finds it a little disheartening how tainted it became with the modern world. She hopes the Queen will do her best to rid the land of its modern influences but somehow doubts it to be the case. She’s not too sure what to make of the strangers wandering Wonderland but does her best to help them. Definitely one of Wonderland’s more tender hearted creatures, and unerringly loyal to her home.
benevolent — warm — selfless — nurturing — protective
Antoinette Marie Beaumont

Nett, Anne, Red, Rose

16th June


Flower garden

Red Rose


Face Claim:
Natalie Dormer

she finds modern sex toys confusing and a tad disconcerting
Responsibility. It's a word you have embodied since the very first moment of consciousness. From the moment you bloomed you have been the eldest sister, the one charged with keeping the other flowers safe. You took to your role with dedication and humility, never giving in to hubris or allowing that 'power' to go to your head. You were the voice of wisdom for the younger flowers, a source of comfort, of leadership when times were hard. When Alice came to you and caused discomfort and upset amongst your sisters and brothers, it was you who made the final decision to oust her from the garden, though it weighed heavily upon your heart: you were rather fond of the girl, even if she was a weed.

Your own opinions and desires were often waylaid in favour of what was best for the garden.

You defended your siblings and your home in whatever way you could, whether it be a direct prick from a carefully honed thorn, or simply a cutting remark, you did what you had to do to survive, and to ensure the survival of your family. The flower garden was your refuge, your sanctuary- and not many were welcomed. Perhaps you were overly cautious, a tad too protective… but who could blame you? Such terrible things happened to flowers: they were pulled up by the roots and cursed to live a shorter, crippled life in a vase, squashed amongst their fallen siblings. It was a fate you were eager to avoid, and desperate to keep your brothers and sisters safe from. So you allowed the rumours of your sour nature to spread, permitted your reputation to be sullied, for lies to circulate that you were as small minded and judgemental as the Queen who took you as her emblem.

Yes, you’d always been the eldest, the responsible big sister… and so when Alice’s death came along, and you and your siblings found your roots traded for feet (just like hers, part of you wondered if it was some kind of ironic punishment for the judgement passed on the poor girl by the flowers), you were the one comforting everyone, assuring them that this change was good.

Though it was difficult at first, you took to being human rather quickly. Like a duck to water you learned how to walk with grace and elegance, how to effectively use body language to compliment your words, how to smile and curtsey and dance. You were still a role model for the younger flowers, after all: you still had to set an example, set the bar. You aided many wobbly ‘newborns’ in their first few steps and ensured that everyone was safe and well. Responsibility was simply a part of your genetic makeup, mothering others and keeping them happy and protected came naturally to you.

So it was no real surprise that when you were approached with a task that would potentially save the lives of many villagers and their children: you accepted without a second thought.

Perhaps it was a naïve decision, to step so readily into uncharted territory, to sign your name up for a mission you’d heard little about. Yet when you were sent out into that forest as bait, when you were traipsing around looking for the Jabberwocky: you did not regret it. Even when he came upon you and you saw your short life flash before your eyes, you were steadfast in your decision.

Defeated, the Jabberwocky was laid to rest in his human skin, and that was the last you saw of him. For a long while, you thought him dead. You got on with your life; you survived a war- using your talent for healing on both sides of the conflict, keeping neutral. The opportunity to visit London came and went, with you staying resolutely at home, in Wonderland: you’d glimpsed the modern world through the Looking Glass and found it terrible, too noisy and polluted and you refused to step foot there. What was wrong with Wonderland? Nothing at all, and so you remained.

Life went on, and you were blissfully unaware of the new Queen’s power play with the Cheshire Cat, quite content with your lot- both in the outlying villages and as one of the Queen’s most treasured pieces. The Red rose, the healer, sister and mother all in one. You had a simple existence, and you were quite happy.

Then the rumours began to circulate. Chilling, frightening rumours that had you lying awake in your bedchambers and staring in fright up at the ceiling.

He was alive.

eve — 22 — gmt — pm/aim — judas, jack, dominic, aubrey
 Posted: Feb 18 2015, 02:00 PM
You stand with your hand on my waist line It's a scene & we're out here in plain sight I can hear them whisper as we pass by It's a bad sign bad sign Something happens when everybody finds out See the vultures circling dark clouds Love's a fragile little flame it could burn out It could burn out
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She's wonderful! A caring soul is needed around here, even if it won't last for long. Looking forward to her plot with the Jabberwocky and I can't wait to see her handle the rest of the flowers once they start appearing.
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