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 FROST, madison evonny, F | 31 | MASSAGE THERPIST | NINA DOBREV
evonny frost
 Posted: Mar 25 2015, 09:58 AM
Put on the red light You don't have to wear that dress tonight Walk the streets for money You don't care if it's wrong or if it's right You don't have to put on the red light
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evonny frost

Madison Evonny Frost
When life gives you lemons, stick ‘em up your shirt to make your tits look bigger.
She initially came to London for University, and after a series of unfortunate events has found herself stuck here. Granted, she’s not really that upset about it anymore. At first she loved London, then she spent some time hating it and feeling trapped, now she’s back to finding the good in London. Some days are harder than others, but with age comes a bit of maturity and that affords her an ability to see the charm in London. She now has a sense of power over her life and that has given her a new lease on her love of London. Now she craves the noise, the hustle and bustle, the beautiful chaos. She is quite fond of her place amongst other Londoners. When she can, she tries to find new and exciting things or places to explore in London. After all, you can’t know every nook and cranny even after so many years.
Seductive — ambitious — passionate — stubborn — impulsive
Madison Evonny Frost

Evonny, Evie, or Lady Frost

13 Dec

31 years


Bristol Canon/Occupation:
Massage Therapist/Escort


Face Claim:
Nina Dobrev

She is obsessed with dancing, frequently takes classes when she can, could qualify at prima ballerina level.
Tell me about yourself.”

What, you mean like my turn ons or my hobbies?

*snort* No silly woman, your life…how did you get here, what made you…you.

You know, I don’t often talk about myself to others. Usually it’s the other way around. Perhaps it’s my profession, or what have you, but I rarely talk about me. I suppose once won’t hurt, you’re drunk enough now you won’t really remember will you?

*hiccup* Probably not.

Haha, I didn’t think so. Fine, I’ll humor you, but just for a bit. Where should I begin?

At the beginning! *hiccup*

An obvious place, but as good a one as any.

Alright, so the beginning. Well, let’s see. I was born the third child to relatively well-off parents. The age difference between me and my older siblings was enough that I spent much of my early years spoiled and a bit coddled. My father was an Investment Banker, I know…yawn. My mother a Homemaker, so things were simple. At least I assumed so. You know your long term memory isn’t fully developed until you’re around the age of five?

*hiccup*Yeah, I knew that…boring, get to the good stuff.

Of course you did, and you said beginning. I never said the beginning was juicy. So now you have to wait. Where was I, oh yes.

My birth name was Madison Evonny Frost. My father was fond of calling me Maddy or Addy. Not really the creative type, my mother was the one who chose my middle name. A bit more creative but a push over. Still, I remember loving being the center of attention for my parents. They gave me everything, even enrolled me in ballet when I was four, just because I saw a movie and decided I wanted to be a ballerina. Turns out I was actually rather good and really loved it. They came to all of my recitals, mother always going out of her way to make sure I was at every rehearsal and class.

Looking back on it now, I’m not surprised I didn’t take arrival of the twins better. I’d been a spoiled child. The baby of the family for seven years. Then out pop these two squalling little things, a girl and a boy. All of a sudden, mom and dad didn’t have much time for me. It was down to one of my older siblings to take me to ballet class and my recitals. In fact, I rarely saw my father after that point. He had to dedicate so much time to work to pay for five kids. My mother was always busy with the twins…and my older siblings tried to avoid being at home as much as possible.

I threw myself full steam into ballet. At least, I did for as long as I could. I remember the day I was told by my teacher I should pursue ballet as a profession. She told me that if I kept up the dedication, I could become a Prima Ballerina by the time I was sixteen. This was just after my fourteenth birthday. I remember because I ran home to tell my mother but she was so busy with the twins she didn’t hear the excitement in my voice. So when she told me I had to quit ballet class because they couldn’t afford it…she was surprised when I screamed and smashed a plate. Frankly, I think she was lucky that was all I broke.

Wow…you broke a plate.

Don’t mock. I’d just been told my dreams could be a reality then had the rug pulled from under me. Not a good time for a pubescent young woman. It was that night that I chopped off my waist length brown hair and dyed it black. You know…my mother barely noticed. So I started acting out more too. Dressing more provocatively, getting into fights, listening to loud music. I’d line my blue eyes with more and more kohl in the hopes my mother would notice. She made a comment once, something about my hair being different. I mean, come on! I’d had waist length chocolate brown hair and vivid blue eyes, and it took her months to notice I chopped it to above should length and dyed it black? Quite the attentive mother.


Ssssh, ssssh…just listen and be quiet. Here, roll over and I’ll rub your shoulders.


Anyways, perhaps it was a mixture of hormones and middle child syndrome that led to the next few years. Well, my older siblings leaving didn’t help either. My older brother left for University in the States, while my older sister left to travel the world before settling in Japan. I remember begging her to take me with her. Obviously she couldn't but she made sure to send a postcard weekly. I had a wall that was papered in her postcards.

Anyways, I tried anything to get attention. Promiscuity, drugs, fights, really it didn’t matter. I changed boyfriends more frequently than purses. I also started experimenting with my sexuality. Turned out I liked girls and boys, go figure. Still didn’t get my parents attention. My grades slipped, school didn’t matter as much as partying. By final year, I was just straddling the line of failing out of school. But that’s when I met Isaac.


Hush, and I’ll tell you. His name was Isaac, he was younger than me, not as experienced but there was something about him that grabbed my attention and held it. Longer than any guy, or girl, I’d been with to that point. He was handsome, brooding, mysterious, and broken. Just my type. He had this whole, tortured soul thing going on. The type that you just know you’re the one who can fix him. So I tried. But something wasn’t right. I could feel it, watching him, especially when he wasn’t aware I was watching him. The look in his eyes, it made my heart ache terribly. I remember thinking, as much pain as I felt, being ignored by my parents, it didn’t seem to amount to the pain that screamed inside of him. He tried to hide it, same way I did. Sex, drugs, alcohol. And for some reason, I couldn’t fight it. I fell for him. Pretty hard too.

Ooooh…true love!

Ha, yeah, something like that. No, I soon came to realize what it was that kept him awake at night. What was tearing at him, and I was part of the problem. Thing was, I hated hurting him. So you know that saying, if you love something let it go…that’s what I did. See, because, even though we’d only been together for three weeks, I knew that he was the closest I’d ever come to being in love. And I knew that I wasn't what he needed.

But why? Didn’t he love you back?

He couldn’t…Isaac was gay. I’m pretty sure he knew it and was trying to deny it. But even if he didn’t, I wasn’t good for him. The more he tried to deny it by being with me, the more he hurt himself. So I broke it off. I still remember the look on his face. It killed me that he was so…confused and hurt by it. But it was for the best.


Haha, yeah. Heavy. It was because of him that I changed. I quite the drinking and sleeping around. Stopped doing drugs and started focusing on school. Despite my poor grades, I was actually really smart. With the help of a teacher, a lot of after school work, and just plain dedication, I was able to pull my grades up and graduate. With high marks too.

I applied to a number of Universities all over the country and the moment that first acceptance letter came, I was gone. I said good-bye to my father, who told me he loved me and was proud, and left for London.

I loved University here in London. I majored in Psychology, I wanted to become a Therapist so I could help kids like Isaac. His pain still haunted my dreams sometimes. But I also minored in dance, because that's where my heart was. I was at the top of all my classes, getting perfect grades and having an amazing time.

Wait…so how’d you end up here?

I’m getting there, I’m getting there. I was a semester away from graduating when I got the call from my mother. I hadn’t spoken to her since I left. Apparently my father had been arrested for embezzlement and she was taking the twins to go live with my brother in the States. In fact, she called me right before boarding the plane. No warning, no plea for me to come with her. Just, hey, the shits about to hit the fan, but you’re an adult so good luck. The next call was from the University. Apparently, all the checks my father had written for the past year were bouncing. I was being dropped from my classes and had a week to find the money to pay them back in full or to vacate the dorms. Needless to say, I found myself on the street by the end of the week.

What happened next?

Well, I couch surfed for a bit while I did some odd jobs to make money. I modeled for art students, was a dancer occasionally at local clubs. Anything to keep afloat. One thing led another and a friend got me a job one night as an “date” for this wealthy guy. I guess I impressed him, because he started referring me around until it wasn’t just being someone’s date. I remember waking up one morning, surrounded by three men and two other woman and I realized I hated myself.

I started drinking and doing drugs, whoring myself out to make enough money for the next dose of whatever I was on. Nearly two years passed that I barely remember anything more than hatred, sex, and drugs. But then I met her.


Madame Lenora Papilion. I don’t remember how she found me or how I ended up at her place, but if it wasn’t for her I’d likely be dead.


Haha, getting interesting finally?

Yeah, don’t stop. What happened next?

Well, I don’t really remember, but as Madame told me. She saw me hitting on one of her regular clients and despite being a pitiful waif, her words, she saw potential. So she dragged me to her place and helped me through the insane ordeal of withdrawals. I count it a blessing I don’t remember that time. With all the drugs I was on and the alcohol, she said the withdrawal process was a real mess. But I came out of it, she washed me up, sat me down and gave me a choice.

What choice?

I’m getting there. Do you want me to continue?


Then shut up and listen. Or I’ll be force to beat you.

*snicker*Yes ma’am.

Good boy. Where was I? Oh yes. Lenora Papilion. She was the Madame and owner of Butterfly Moon Massage Parlour in China Town. While the Parlour was in fact a massage parlour, it was also a front for a high-end escort service. Madame Papilion was renowned for having highly intelligent, well-mannered, and well-trained girls; her Butterfly girls. All of whom were trained and, a few even licensed, Massage Therapists, in order to keep her cover safe from the police. Her girls were all hand picked by her, cleaned-up and trained in seduction, fetishes of all sorts, sexual exploration, erotic massage, as well as other forms of massage, and how to blend with high society. It was obvious from just meeting her that she was a strict Madame, but I saw the reverence and respect each girl gave her as she told me about the place. She was, well, like a Tiger Mom really. Small, petite, but fierce and strong. It’s funny, she’s not even five feet tall, but all it takes is one glare from her and the girls are in line. Even grown men don’t mess with her.

Anyways, she gave me a choice. I could leave, never speak a word of the parlour or what I saw, and go on about my life…or I could become one of her girls. The things was, if you became one of her girls it was for life.


Okay…not life exactly, but that does sound more dramatic doesn’t it? Don’t answer that, it’s a rhetorical question. Anyways, each girl who chose to join, signed a contract saying they would serve as hers, doing whatever she deemed suitable, until a certain date. Each date depended on how much training and cleaning up was involved. See, while Lenora’s girls were highly reputable, they didn’t start out that way. Each girl was found a mess, much like I was. So they required cleaning, training, housing, and so on. Depending on how much work you needed done, depended on your contract.

I knew what waited for me out there…and I’d seen how the girls loved her. So I signed the contract. Didn’t even read the fine print. I didn’t care. Honestly, she’d shown me more affection and care than I’d gotten from anyone since I was a young child. I wanted more. So I became a Butterfly girl. Granted, I didn’t start right away. I was only twenty-three, and according to Lenora, I had much learning to do.

So I trained as hard as I could. It didn’t take me long really. While I didn’t want to be a whore, wait…no, she hates that word. Her girls are not whores, they’re specialists. Each girl specializes in something. My background in dance and psychology made it easy for me to specialize in pretty much everything. For the better part of a year, I trained and excelled at every thing she put in front of me. Luckily, I’m rather competatitive and frankly I wanted to impress her. And I did.

At the end of my training, I decided I didn’t want to be Madison anymore. I was someone new, someone different. Madison was the poor girl, abandoned by her parents. So I dropped my first name and went by Evonny. I went back to my natural hair color, grew it out and started wearing colored contacts. Usually violet, but I’ll go with brown if I don’t wish to stand out too much. It’s more to hide my blue eyes than vision correction.

I remember Lenora loved this idea. She said it was me becoming a true butterfly. I was emerging from my cocoon. She was obsessed with butterflies, if you couldn’t tell, and I liked the idea. So I went with it.

I spent the subsequent years, working my way up the ranks. I learned to master each fetish, continued taking dance lessons, and really just did everything I could to be the best. I refused to give her anything less. In return, she allowed me to finish my degree and continue taking dance lessons.

I flourished under her watch. I become one of her most sought after Butterflies, which pleased her considerably. Lenora loved seeing an investment work out. She would often tell me I was one of her favorite investments. I know it helped having a psychology background, because really, I could easily become whomever the client needed. Give them whatever they needed. Plus, being bisexual meant that I could take on male or female clients.

While we may be glorified prostitutes and she our pimp, Lenora never forced her girls to do anything outside of their boundaries. She found the niche for each girl, and encouraged them. She also protected them. God, I remember the one time a guy hurt one of her girls. He wound up in the hospital and on her black list. Let me tell you, you don’t want to end up on Lenora’s black list. He isn’t welcome in China Town at all now. As for the girl, she had her contract amended and time shortened.

What happens when a contract is up?

Well, they’re free to go. They’ve all signed an non-disclosure agreement and Lenora will provide them with the money she saved. Lenora saves a certain amount from each girls’ pay, that she then gives them when their contract is up. They can use that money to start over, anywhere. Usually, the girls don’t want to leave and offer to sign another contract. But for the few who want to go, she wishes them the best and has even given one a letter of recommendation to become a Massage Therapist in the States. You see, each of these girls are her girls. And she treats them well and we all love her dearly. She never had children of her own, never married. So we are her family. It’s a bit dysfunctional but we love her and she loves us.

So that’s it?

Well, not for me. You see, I’d become like a daughter to Lenora and she like a mother to me. I see her as more of a mother than my own mother ever was. So when my contract was up, a year ago, I was given a different choice. Lenora told me she was proud of me, that I’d become a force to be reckoned with. That I embodied the intelligence and power that was needed to run a business like this. God, I loved hearing those words, but I was still shocked by what she said next. She wanted me to be her heir, so to speak. To inherit the business and take over when she was ready to retire. She said if I stayed on, signed another contract, she would begin to train me on the side to become the next Madame.

Really? Did you agree?

It’s funny, when I started, I just wanted to get my contract over with so I could move on with my life. But this life, everything about it. I love it. And I love her. So I was honored she wanted me to inherit all that she’d built and, yes, I agreed. I signed another contract, and I’ve been working as her assistant. It’ll be a bit before she’s ready to go but, I have a home now. A family and a future. I was her most popular Butterfly girl and now her assistant.

As for you, you’ve interrupted so much, I think it’s time for a good spanking. Hmmm…what should we use? Ah, you’ve always been fond of paddle…

Oh, yes…

Yes what? Yes Mistress, please.

Much better. Now finish up that drink I made you, waste not. And I think I’m going to use the cat-o-nine. Oh, and breathe a word of this, and you’ll be black listed. Are we clear? Ah! Just nod…no speaking. Good boy.

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 Posted: Mar 25 2015, 05:45 PM
When we were young the future was so bright The old neighborhood was so alive And every kid on the whole damn street Was gonna make it big and not be beat
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Oh my god how I have waited for thee. I didn't know just how much I needed Evonny until the concept of Evonny = Madison popped up in my head. I am so excited for this character and really looking forward to seeing her around on the site!
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